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18 V / 5.0 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery with innovative Real Time Technology incl. LCD display to indicate battery level. Suitable for use in all devices on the 18 V Kärcher battery platform.


Equipped with lithium-ion cells, the battery ensures consistent performance. The cells also prevent battery self-discharge as well as loss of capacity due to frequent partial discharge (memory effect). In addition, the remaining running time, charge level and battery capacity are continuously displayed on the integrated LCD display using innovative Real Time Technology. The 18 V/5.0 Ah battery is suitable for use in all devices with the 18 V Kärcher battery platform.

Kärcher Battery Power 18/50

SKU: 2.445-035.0
R2 599,00Price
  • Innovative Real Time Technology

    • The integrated LCD screen shows the remaining runtime, remaining charging time and charging state at all times.

    18 V Kärcher battery platform

    • For use in all 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform devices.
    • For use in all 18 V Kärcher Battery Power+ battery platform devices.

    Powerful lithium-ion cells

    • The lithium-ion battery guarantees consistent power while preventing self-discharge and memory effect.

    Robust casing

    • Kärcher's battery casings are extremely shock-resistant.

    Efficient temperature management

    • Top performance thanks to efficient heat buffering and intelligent battery management.

    Intelligent cell monitoring

    • Protects the battery against overloading, overheating and deep discharge.

    IPX 5 rated – protected against jets of water from all directions

    • Reliable protection during jobs that use jets of water.

    Automatic storage mode

    • Extends the lifetime of the cells.
  • Battery platform 18 V battery platform
    Battery type Lithium-ion replacement battery
    Voltage (V) 18
    Capacity (Ah) 5
    Energy (Wh) 90
    Weight (kg) 0.8
    Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.9
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 134 x 88 x 73

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