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The BD 50/50 C Bp Classic is an affordable, compact entry-level model in the battery powered scrubber drier class. The machine allows area performances of up to 2000 m²/h.


The BD 50/50 C Bp Classic offers a clear view of the area to be cleaned due to the compact dimensions of this battery powered scrubber drier with sophisticated disc technology. The operation of this machine is as clear as the view with the EASY Operation Panel from Kärcher. Machine features have been reduced to the most important settings and functions to enable use after brief instruction. We recommend the BD 50/50 C Bp Classic for use in supermarkets, hotels or healthcare facilities.

Kärcher BD 50/50 C Classic + Lithium Battery Pack

SKU: 1.127-001.0
R93 265,00 Regular Price
R79 275,25Sale Price
  • Affordable entry-level model

    • Excellent price-performance ratio.
    • Reduced to the most important functions.

    Simple operation thanks to EASY-Operation Panel

    • Self-explanatory symbols and clear control panel.
    • Brief familiarisation phases.
    • Simple, yellow colour-coded control elements make the machine easy to use.

    Large tank volume with compact dimensions

    • Extremely manoeuvrable.
    • Offers a clear view of the cleaning surface.

    Equipped with solenoid valve and transport roll for maximum comfort

    • Solenoid valve for automatic water cutout after the dead man's switch is released.
    • The fold-out transport roll makes possible the convenient two-step method.
    • Fold-out transport roll facilitates the transport of the machine considerably.

    Large battery compartment for all standard battery types

    • Easily accessible battery compartment for fast battery replacement.
    • Also suitable for multiple shift operation.

    Home Base system

    • Options for the attachment of further accessory parts or equipment.
    • Additional cleaning utensils can be carried on-board.

    EASY-Operation Panel

    • 1-switch operation.
    • Very easy to use.

    Simple assignment of functions with operating elements in yellow

    • Short teach-in times also for untrained personnel.

    Robust and durable control elements

    • Suitable for daily use.
    • Extremely durable.
    • Unit
    • Lihium Battery
    • Charger
    • Squeegee, v-shape
    • Disc brush
    • 2-tank system

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