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The ready-to-use complete set for beginners: the "BP 4.500 Garden Set Plus" incl. garden pump, suction and garden hose. Ideal for garden watering using alternative water sources.


This practical starter set contains everything you need for garden watering from water butts or cisterns. The highlight is, of course, the compact and long-lasting BP 4.500 Garden garden pump, which impresses with its great suction power and optimum pressure performance. And like all Kärcher garden pumps, it is maintenance-free, can be installed without tools, and can be conveniently switched on and off without causing back pain thanks to the large foot switch. Furthermore, the watering pump can be upgraded with an automatic start/stop function (by means of an electronic pressure switch) – for even more convenience in the garden or for the service water supply in the household. The garden pump set is complemented by a 3.5 metre vacuum-resistant spiral hose including filter and non-return valve (G1 connection thread, 3/4" diameter), a 20 metre Kärcher PrimoFlex® hose (1/2" diameter) and a nozzle, connectors and a tap adaptor. Thanks to its high-grade materials, this set will give you pleasure for an especially long time. Furthermore, Kärcher offers you an optional guarantee extension to 5 years.

Kärcher BP 4.500 Garden Set Plus

SKU: 1.645-701.0
R3 899,00Price
    • PerfectConnect connection adapter for G1 pumps
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • including garden watering set
    • Incl. PerfectConnect suction kit
    • Comfortable foot switch
    • Optimised union
    • Separate filling hole
    • Water drain valve

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