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The powerful home pump BP 4,900 Home with integrated pressure-compensating tank automatically pumps water from alternative sources as reclaim water through the entire house.


The home pump BP 4,900 Home allows reliable, fully automated water pumping for domestic use. It provides pressure anywhere you want to use it, such as supplying a washing machine or a bathroom. In proven Kärcher quality the powerful BP 4,900 Home makes water available from alternative sources such as wells or tanks. Ultra-practical: The home pumps switch on and off automatically as required. The comprehensive pump equipment includes a non-return valve, the integrated pressure indicator, the 24 litre pressure-compensating tank and thermal protection. The integrated thermal protection ensures added safety in emergencies: The pump automatically shuts off as soon as it runs dry. The pump is also extremely long-lasting thanks to components made of stainless steel. And with support feet that can be secured to the ground with screws it guarantees a steady position at all times.

Kärcher BP 4.900 Home

SKU: 1.645-760.0
R7 099,00Price
    • Stainless steel flange and shaft
    • Includes two connection adaptors for G1 pumps
    • Includes non-return valve
    • Integrated pressure indicator
    • Integrated pressure compensation container, 24
    • Separate filling hole
    • Splashproof on/off switch
    • Thermal protection
    • Water drain valve

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