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The BP 6.000 Garden Set contains a suction kit so that the long-lasting and powerful garden pump can be used straight away for watering the garden.


Thanks to high suction power and pressure performance, the BP 6.000 Garden Set provides the ideal conditions for comfortable garden watering from water butts or tanks. The BP 6.000 Garden Set with 3.5 m vacuum-resistant spiral hose with filter and non-return valve (G1" connection thread, 3/4" diameter) makes possible the immediate use of the robust, lightweight pump that can be easily transported with the ergonomic handle. Kärcher garden pumps are powerful and maintenance-free and can be connected without the need for any tools. They can also be comfortably switched on and off using a foot switch, thus protecting the back. The materials used are of high quality and the basis for a long life. An extended Kärcher warranty of five years is also possible. By means of an electronic pressure switch the pump can be upgraded with an automatic start/stop function.

Kärcher BP 6.000 Garden Set

SKU: 1.645-721.0
R5 299,00Price
    • PerfectConnect connection adapter for G1 pumps
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • Incl. PerfectConnect suction kit
    • Comfortable foot switch
    • Optimised union
    • Separate filling hole
    • Water drain valve

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