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Powerful hot water high-pressure cleaner in the HDS compact class from Kärcher: with the unique eco!efficiency mode the HDS 6/14 C combines economical and environment-friendly work with superb comfort for the user. The EASY!Force high-pressure gun utilises the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the retaining force to zero, while the EASY!Lock quick-release couplings enable handling that is five times faster than conventional screw connections, without compromising on robustness or longevity. The operation is also effortless, after all the machine has an intuitive single-button operation. Large wheels and a steering roller/castor ensure smooth mobility, whereas the robust chassis with integrated tanks for fuel and cleaning agent also survives tougher applications without difficulty. Practical storage compartments for accessories, nozzles, etc. round off the clever concept of the 1-phase machine.

Kärcher HDS 6/14 C Classic (220V)

SKU: 1.169-909.0
R85 800,00 Regular Price
R59 900,00Sale Price
    • Pressure switch-off
    • Spray lance, 1050mm
    • Spray gun, EASY!Force Advanced
    • High-pressure hose, 10m
    • High-pressure hose, DN 6, 250 bar
    • Integrated fuel and detergent tank
    • Power nozzle
    • Soft Damping System (SDS)
  • Efficiency

    • eco!efficiency mode – efficient and environmentally friendly, even when used for prolonged periods.
    • Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%.
    • Accurate cleaning agent dosing unit with clear rinse function.

    Ease of use

    • Intuitive operation thanks to the large single-button selector switch.
    • Large tank opening with filling chute.
    • Tanks for cleaning agent, calcification protection and fuel can be conveniently filled from outside without opening the hood.


    • Lockable accessory compartment for nozzles, tools, etc.
    • Storage hooks for power cable and high-pressure hose.
    • Integrated lance holder for transport.


    • The Soft Damping System (SDS) compensates for vibration and pressure peaks in the high-pressure system.
    • Large water filter protects pump against damage.
    • Water softening system protects the heating coil against calcification damage.


    • "Jogger" design with large wheels and steering roller.
    • Large integrated handles in the chassis.
    • Integrated tilting aid for effortlessly negotiating obstacles such as steps and kerbs.

    Save time and effort: EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release couplings.

    • Effortless operation at last: the EASY!Force high-pressure gun.
    • EASY!Lock quick-release couplings: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.

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