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With the K 3 pressure washer, dirt is a thing of the past. Thanks to its 6-metre long high-pressure hose, the washer is perfect for occasional use around the home and gives a sparkling shine to small garden surfaces and patios, as well as garden furniture and cars. Thanks to the Vario Power Spray Lance (VPS), the water pressure can easily be adjusted to suit the surface with a simple twisting motion. The Dirt Blaster with rotating point jet loosens even the most stubborn dirt, and the pump is protected by a water filter – for a long lifetime. The smooth-running wheels make the K 3 pressure washer easy to transport to wherever it is needed.

Kärcher K 3

SKU: 1.676-350.0
R3 299,00Price
    • High-pressure gun: G 120 Q
    • Vario Power Jet
    • Dirt Blaster
    • High-pressure hose: 6 m
    • Adapter for A3/4" garden hose connector

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