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Kärcher K 4 Premium Power Control Birthday Edition

K 4 Premium Power Control pressure washer with G 160 Q Power Control trigger gun and hose reel. Can be used with the Home & Garden app. With Home Kit and wash brush.


With the K 4 Premium Power Control pressure washer, every surface can be cleaned at the right pressure. In order to find the right pressure, the application consultant integrated in the Kärcher Home & Garden app supports users with practical tips on every cleaning situation and cleaning task – for perfect cleaning results. The app also offers other helpful features, such as assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions, as well as the Kärcher Service portal. For maximum control, the pressure level can be set by turning the spray lance and checked on the G 160 Q Power Control trigger gun. The overall handling is very simple thanks to the convenient hose reel. Incl. Home Kit with the T 5 Surface Cleaner and 1 litre of Stone and Façade Cleaner for splash-free cleaning of larger areas. Other equipment details include the Plug ’n’ Clean detergent system for switching detergents effortlessly, the telescopic handle for transportation and the parking position to ensure accessories are close to hand.Incl. WB 150 Power Brush for splash-free cleaning of delicate surfaces.

Kärcher K 4 Premium Power Control Birthday Edition

R8 499,00Price
    • Adapter for A3/4" garden hose connector
    • Dirt Blaster
    • Device-side Quick Connect
    • High-pressure hose, 8
    • High-pressure gun, G 160 Q Power Control
    • Home Kit, T 5 surface cleaner, stone and façade cleaner, 3in1, 1l
    • Integrated high-pressure hose reel
    • Integrated water filter
    • Water-cooled motor
    • WB 150 Power Brush
    • Detergent application via, Plug 'n' Clean system
    • Telescopic handle
    • Vario Power Jet

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