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The microfibre cloth set for steam cleaning in the kitchen contains two high-quality microfibre floor cloths, a microfibre cover for the hand nozzle and a microfibre stainless steel cloth.


High-quality microfibre cloth set for optimum cleanliness across the entire kitchen. The two microfibre floor cloths for the floor nozzle EasyFix guarantee a brilliantly clean kitchen floor. A hook-and-loop system enables them to be fixed easily and quickly to the floor nozzle EasyFix and removed without having to come into contact with dirt. Using the microfibre cover for the hand nozzle, you can effortlessly remove stubborn dirt (e. g. on the hobs) yourself. And the microfibre stainless steel cloth will make any stainless steel surface gleam.

Kärcher Microfibre Cloth Set

SKU: 2.863-265.0