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The perfectly coordinated spray set for your garden. The nozzle is ideal for simple watering tasks. Thanks to infinitely variable spraying patterns, the water distribution can be adjusted as needed between cone and point jet. This means that flowers and plants can be watered, but also coarse dirt around the garden can be eliminated. If the nozzle is not used, the water flow can be simply cut out at the spray nozzle. The set also includes a G3/4" tap adapter with G1/2" reducer, as well as 2 robust hose connectors – one of which has Aqua Stop. This prevents the water flow at the end of the garden hose also when the tap is turned on, e.g., when taking off the nozzle. What's more: Sprayers and connectors from Kärcher are compatible with all available hook-and-loop systems and can be connected to your garden hose without problem.

Kärcher Nozzle set

SKU: 2.645-288.0

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