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Oscillating sprinkler OS 3.220 for watering medium-sized and large areas and gardens. Infinite coverage adjustment. Extremely durable gear drive. Maximum coverage: 220 m2


The oscillating sprinkler OS 3.220 is used for watering medium-sized and large areas and gardens. The range of the oscillating sprinkler can be set and adjusted continuously as required - with a maximum watering area of 220 square metres. The innovative circular sprinkler is equipped with a particularly long-lasting gear. Depending on the requirement, the sprinklers from Kärcher can be equipped with either spikes or sleds. This means that the new oscillating sprinkler from Kärcher is now even more user-friendly overall. Of course, the sprinklers from Kärcher are all equipped with the tried-and-tested hook-and-loop system and can be easily connected to a garden hose. Kärcher: The wise choice for your watering needs.

Kärcher OS 3.220

SKU: 2.645-133.0

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