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Thanks to its rotating roller brushes and integrated water distribution, the PCL 4 patio cleaner removes dirt from wooden patios thoroughly and evenly.


The electric PCL 4 patio cleaner enables stubborn dirt to be removed from wooden patios easily, thoroughly and exceptionally evenly. Simply connect the patio cleaner to the garden hose and start cleaning. The combination of two rotating and replaceable roller brushes and the ability to regulate the water flow ensure that dirt can be reliably loosened and removed at the same time. This means that patios can be thoroughly cleaned in no time – and without using any more water than needed for the cleaning task. The width and position of the rollers are designed to ensure that two boards can be cleaned up to the edge in a single step, which also saves time. Thanks to the replaceable roller brushes, this device can be used not only for wood and WPC surfaces, but also for thorough and gentle cleaning of all smooth and sealed stone tiles and slabs.

Kärcher PCL 4 Patio Cleaner

SKU: 1.644-000.0
R4 899,00 Regular Price
R4 099,00Sale Price
    • Storage position
    • Roller brushes for wooden surfaces, 2
    • Ergonomic handle and grip
    • Valve for controlling the water volume
    • Two water nozzles

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