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Kärcher Pre-Filter Small

Protects the submersible pump and increases its operational reliability: the robust and easy-to-attach prefilter for the submersible pumps SP 9.000 to SP 16.000 Flat/Dirt and SP 1 to SP 5 Flat/Dirt.


The robust prefilter can be attached to the submersible pump as an optional extra. Use of the prefilter is particularly recommended when using the pump in heavily contaminated water, such as excavations or floods. The filter prevents large dirt particles from entering the pump. This, in turn, protects the pump impeller and prevents the pump from becoming clogged up by twigs or dirt particles – all of which increases the pump's operational reliability. The pump prefilter is suitable for the submersible pumps SP 9.000 through to SP 16.000 Flat/Dirt as well as SP 1 through to SP 5 Flat/Dirt and has a mesh size of approx. 5 millimetres.

Kärcher Pre-Filter Small

R341,00 Regular Price
R306,90Sale Price

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