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The RCF 3 mops hard floors completely autonomously and delivers excellent results thanks to FC roller technology. Equipped with carpet detection, it is ready for use in any household.


Clean floors at the touch of a button: from now on, the smart RCF 3 robotic mop takes care of the otherwise tedious and time-consuming wet mopping of hard floors. Thanks to the proven FC roller technology, the RCF 3 not only removes stubborn dirt or dried liquids, but also loose dust and dry crumbs. In doing so, it automatically detects carpets and skilfully avoids them. The RCF 3 has two tanks that allow it to constantly supply fresh water to the roller and to collect the dirty water separately. Light, dry dirt is easily picked up and also transported into the dirty water tank. Different cleaning modes can be set with the practical app control. The robot can thus be adapted very flexibly to a wide range of needs and requirements. For cleaning, the robot is conveniently started via app or by pressing a button on the device. If the RCF 3 needs help, in many situations it will tell you via voice output or through the app.

Kärcher RCF 3 Robot Mop

SKU: 1.269-660.0
Should Arrive Q3/Q4 2024, R500 refundable deposit
    • Microfibre roller: 2 piece(s)
    • Cleaning tool
    • Fresh water tank
    • Dirty water tank
    • Charging station
  • Self-cleaning function of the roller

    • At the scraper edge, dirt is continuously removed from the roller during the cleaning run and reliably collected at the hair comb or transported into the dirty water tank.
    • Best cleaning results with proven roller technology and 2-tank system: dirty water and particles are removed from the roller during the cleaning run. Also ideal for larger areas.

    Convenient app control with WLAN

    • The app can be used to adapt many of the settings to match individual preferences.
    • The app allows the cleaning robot to be controlled and configured from any location. Even if you're not at home.
    • Information about the current device status and a display showing the current cleaning progress is available via the app.

    Precise mapping of existing floors and versatile customisation options in the app

    • The app can store multiple maps, e.g. for multiple floors.
    • Define zones that are not to be driven over and cleaned (e.g. carpets, play areas and larger obstacles) or that are to be approached specifically and mopped individually.
    • Definition of individual cleaning settings (cleaning intensity, amount of water, number of passes) for specific rooms or areas depending on the cleaning requirement or degree of soiling.

    Timer program

    • You can schedule cleaning times and create cleaning plans via the app.
    • The RCF 3 independently starts cleaning operations based on scheduled dates/times.

    Voice output

    • Always well informed: the RCF 3 uses voice output to provide important information and share the current status.
    • If the robotic mop needs help or a service, in many situations it will tell you via voice output.

    Fall sensors

    • The fall sensors reliably prevent the RCF 3 from falling down steps or ledges.
    • The sensors scan the floor continuously. If a large drop or similar risk is detected, the controller receives a signal triggering the robot to turn around.

    Data protection and updates

    • As a manufacturer based in Germany, Kärcher places great importance on data protection and takes extreme care to ensure all the applicable legal requirements in this regard are met.
    • The entire data transfer between the Home Robots app on your smartphone and your robotic mop runs via a cloud to servers located in Germany only.
    • Regular updates improve and extend the performance of the robotic mop and app. This also means the security of the system is constantly updated to match current specifications.

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