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Even more autonomy when cleaning: with the smart self-emptying station, the dust container of the RCV 5 is emptied automatically at regular intervals.


***Does NOT include RCV 5***


With the smart self-emptying station, the RCV 5 becomes even more autonomous, because the dust container is emptied automatically. This way, the user is spared this tedious and often dirty job. Dust and dirt are simply vacuumed automatically into the high-quality fleece filter bag as soon as the RCV 5 docks in the charging and self-emptying station – either after a completed cleaning task or when recharging in between. The dirt is reliably trapped. It couldn't be simpler. Thanks to the charging function on the self-emptying station, the robot's battery is recharged at the same time too.

Kärcher RCV 5 Suction Station

SKU: 2.269-643.0
Should arrive in Q4 of 2024, Refundable R500 deposit to pre-order
  • Automatic dust emptying

    • Regular automatic emptying of the RCV 5 dust container allows the robotic vacuum to clean autonomously for much longer.
    • With no need to empty the RCV 5 dust container by hand, the user does not have to come into contact with dust and dirt.
    • Because the robotic vacuum cleaner's dust container is emptied regularly, the suction power stays constantly high, which means great cleaning results every time with the RCV 5.

    Fleece filter bag

    • The filter bag reliably traps dust and dirt.
    • The trapped dirt is disposed of easily and hygienically.
    • When the filter bag is pulled out of the station, it automatically seals shut straight away. The dirt remains safely in the bag and dust is prevented from escaping when the bag is changed.

    Integrated cable management

    • The mains cable of the self-emptying station can be neatly wound up using the cable management system fitted on the back of the self-emptying station – no more tangled cables.

    App control

    • If needed, the self-emptying station of the RCV 5 can be controlled via the app for added convenience.
    • The vacuuming can also be activated individually via the app.

    Compatible with all RCV 5 models

    • The self-emptying station is compatible with all RCV 5 models, even with devices that already have a charging station.
    • Using the conversion set supplied, an existing RCV 5 can be converted for operation with the self-emptying station in no time at all.

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