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The SC 5 EasyFix Iron steam cleaner with 4.2 bar steam pressure includes a steam pressure iron, VapoHydro function, floor nozzle and other accessories.


Not only does the SC 5 EasyFix Iron cut a good figure, it also promises full cleaning power: An outstanding 4.2 bar steam pressure makes it the best steam cleaner in its class. Four-step steam regulation enables the steam flow to be adjusted as required. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.999% of viruses* and 99.99% of all common household bacteria** from typical household hard surfaces. And thanks to a wide range of available accessories, it can clean smooth surfaces, extractor hoods, corners and gaps perfectly. The particularly practical steam pressure iron which is also included speeds up ironing by 50%. The VapoHydro function additionally enables hot water to be added and stubborn dirt to be removed more easily and washed away. The flexible EasyFix floor nozzle features impressive and efficient lamella technology. Using the hook-and-loop system, the floor cleaning cloth can be conveniently attached to the floor nozzle without having to come into contact with dirt. The water tank can be removed and permanently refilled. it also comes with an integrated cable storage compartment, accessory storage compartment, parking position for the floor nozzle.

Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix Iron

SKU: 1.512-661.0
R11 600,00 Regular Price
R10 999,00Sale Price
We expect the machine to be here from April 2024
    • Floor nozzle, EasyFix
    • Iron connection
    • EasyFinish steam iron
    • Steam flow control, on device (four-step)
    • Steam hose with trigger gun, 2,3
    • Descaling powder, 3
    • Hand nozzle
    • Integrated on/off switch
    • Child safety lock
    • Detail nozzle
    • Round brush, small (black), 1
    • Safety valve
    • Tank, removable and can be refilled whenever needed
    • Microfibre cover for hand nozzle, 1
    • EasyFix universal floor cleaning cloth, 1
    • VapoHydro function
    • Extension tube (2 x 0.5 m)
    • Accessory storage on the device
  • VapoHydro function

    • Adds hot water to steam. Dirt is removed more easily and simply washed away.
    • For even better cleaning results.

    Floor cleaning set EasyFix with flexible joint on the floor nozzle and convenient hook-and-loop fixing for the floor cleaning cloth

    • Optimal cleaning results on all types of hard floors around the home thanks to efficient lamella technology.
    • Contactless cloth changing without contact with dirt, and convenient attachment of the floor cleaning cloth thanks to the hook-and-loop system.
    • Ergonomic, effective cleaning with full floor contact, regardless of the user’s height, thanks to the flexible nozzle joint.

    Continuously refillable, detachable water tank

    • For non-stop cleaning and convenient water filling.

    Multifunctional accessories including steam pressure iron

    • Effective cleaning of different surfaces with the floor nozzle, hand nozzle, round brush and much more.
    • Steam pressure iron with fixed temperature setting, automatic shutdown and lightweight sole plate. Up to 50% time saving.

    Floor cleaning cloth and cover for the hand nozzle

    • For excellent cleaning results and even better loosening and removal of dirt.

    Child safety lock on the steam gun

    • A locking system provides reliable protection against improper use by playing children.

    Four-stage steam flow regulation

    • The steam flow can be individually adapted to each surface and level of dirt.

    Accessory storage and parking position

    • Practical accessory storage. Parking position for floor nozzle during breaks.

    On/Off dial on the cleaner

    • Switching the device on and off is easy.

    Integrated cable storage compartment

    • Secure storage of the cable and other accessories.

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