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22,000 l/h, robust and reliable: The submersible dirty water pump SP 22,000 Dirt with integrated prefilter and height-adjustable float switch for greater flexibility.


The SP 22,000 Dirt is the most powerful submersible dirty water pump from Kärcher. With up to 22,000 l/h, it is perfect for particularly challenging drainage tasks such as in large garden ponds, flooded basements or construction pits. The pumps can handle dirt particles of up to 30 mm. If larger dirt particles threaten to cause a blockage, the integrated stainless steel prefilter can be pulled down to protect the pump impeller. The slide ring sealing also used in the Professional range ensures an extra-long lifetime. There is even the option to extend the warranty to five years. The float switch enables other practical functions: It automatically switches the pump on and off depending on the water level, prevents dry running and its height can be adjusted. It can also be secured so that the submersible pump pumps out down to a depth of 35 mm during continuous operation. The Quick Connect connection thread also enables the quick and simple connection of 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" hoses.

Kärcher SP 22.000 Dirt

SKU: 1.645-850.0
R3 099,00Price
    • In automatic operation (auto), the pump automatically switches with the water level
    • Comfortable carrying handle
    • Integrated stainless steel pre-filter
    • Ceramic face seal.
    • In manual operation, the pump runs continuously to ensure the minimum quantity of residual water
    • Easy hose connection thanks to Quick Connect
    • Hose connection piece, 1'', 1 1/4'', 1 1/2''
    • Flexible, height-adjustable float switch
    • Switching between manual/automatic operation, Possibility of fixing the float switch

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