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A set with everything you need for watering the garden in comfort. The spray gun simplifies the work thanks to a lockable handle with snap-in function, whereby the water flow is permanently maintained. Two spraying patterns can also be set: Point and cone jet. Flower and plant beds can thus be easily watered, also patios and garden furniture can be cleaned of coarse dirt. In addition to the spray gun, the set also includes a G3/4" tap adapter with G1/2" reducer as well as 2 hose connectors (one with Aqua Stop). The connector with Aqua Stop prevents the water flow at the end of the garden hose, also when, e.g., the nozzle is taken off when the tap is turned on. What's more: Sprayers and connectors from Kärcher are compatible with all available hook-and-loop systems and can be connected to your garden hose without problem.

Kärcher Spray gun set

SKU: 2.645-289.0