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Kärcher WV 2 Plus

Easy to handle, no dripping water thanks to suction, and huge time savings – with the original Window Vac set from Kärcher, windows are sparkling clean and streak-free in no time.


With the innovative Window Vac, Kärcher has revolutionised window cleaning. When you use the original Kärcher Window Vac, cleaning becomes child's play, saving you a great deal of time and effort. Thanks to the electrical suction, the annoyance of dripping water is now a thing of the past. The intelligent combination of the spray bottle and the microfibre wiping cloth, along with the suction function of the Window Vac, ensures extremely effective cleaning and sparkling clean windows – without streaks or residues. Furthermore, the handy and ergonomic Kärcher Window Vac allows for particularly hygienic window cleaning because there is no direct contact with dirty water.

Kärcher WV 2 Plus

R1 800,00 Regular Price
R1 349,00Sale Price
    • Window cleaner concentrate (1 × 20 ml)
    • Battery charger
    • Spray bottle Standard with microfibre wiping cloth
    • Exchangeable suction nozzle

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