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Small, powerful, reliable, extremely versatile and light as a feather: Our NT 22/1 Ap wet and dry vacuum cleaner delivers impressive results during light and moderate cleaning work in a number of commercial applications. Thanks to the semi-automatic filter cleaning system and moisture-resistant PES cartridge filter, it can deal with dust, coarse dirt and liquids effortlessly. The suction hose connection attached directly on the device head enables maximum utilisation of the container capacity. Its very compact dimensions and low weight enable the device, which is also easy to operate, to be transported conveniently and easily.

Kärcher NT 22/1 AP

SKU: 1.378-600.0
R5 840,00Price
    • Suction tube, 2
    • Filter bag, 1
    • Filter cleaning, ApClean (semi-automatic filter cleaning)
    • Filter bag, Fleece
    • Crevice nozzle
    • Wet/dry floor nozzle, 300
    • Cartridge filter, PES
    • Suction tube, 0,5m
    • Suction tube, Plastic
    • Suction hose, 1,9m
    • Suction hose, with bend
    • Protection class, II
    • Stop swivel castor
  • Low weight and compact dimensions

    • The machine can be easily and conveniently transported and stored.

    Semi-automatic filter cleaning

    • Semi-automatic filter cleaning effectively ensures constantly high suction power.

    Moisture-resistant PES cartridge filter

    • It is possible to change from wet to dry vacuum cleaning easily without having to dry the PES cartridge filter first.
    • Washable PES filter.

    Suction hose connection in the machine head

    • Enables the entire container volume to be utilised.
    • Save time by not having to empty the container as often.

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