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The steam vacuum cleaner SV 7 from Kärcher combines the advantages of steam cleaners with the strengths of dry vacuum cleaners. It vacuums, for example, crumbs off the floor, wipes with a damp cloth and then dries the floor. And it does all this comfortably in a single step. With these impressive all-round machines and the appropriate accessories, everyone can keep their home clean – simply, comfortably, quickly and without chemicals.

SV 7

SKU: 1.439-410.0
R14 735,00 Regular Price
R12 699,00Sale Price
    • Floor cleaning set with steam vacuum function, Three different applications for hard and carpeted floors and two 0.5 m-long steam suction tubes
    • Steam flow control, 5-stage
    • Steam vacuum detail nozzle, Can be combined with an extension piece and round brushes (4 different colours)
    • Steam suction hose with handle
    • Defoamer "FoamStop"
    • Crevice nozzle, furniture brush
    • Hand nozzle with steam vacuum function, Can be combined with window nozzle (large and small), brush attachment or terry cloth
    • Child safety lock
    • Measuring cup, cleaning brush, accessory bag
    • Upholstery nozzle (small and large)
    • Suction force regulation, 4-stage
    • Safety valve
    • 2-tank system
  • 3-in-1 device

    • Steaming, vacuuming and drying in a single procedure.

    Multi-stage filter system

    • Water, coarse dirt, foam and HEPA filters (EN 1822:1998) remove even the smallest particles.

    Convenient floor nozzle

    • Quick and simple changeover for 3 different applications on all hard floors and carpets.

    Easy operation

    • The suction power can be controlled on the handle and the steam flow regulated on the device.

    4-level suction power control

    • The suction power can be individually adjusted to the surface and dirt.

    5-level steam volume control

    • The steam flow can be individually adapted to each surface and level of dirt.

    Non-stop steam

    • The tank can be refilled quickly and easily for non-stop use.

    Integrated cable storage compartment

    • Optimal cable storage for space-saving device storage.

    Child safety lock

    • Locks the steam function to protect against improper use.

    Wide range of applications

    • The multifunction device with extensive accessories is ideal for use around the home without the use of chemicals.

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