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With a large working width of 300 mm, our upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 30/1 is also ideal for cleaning larger areas – whether in the retail trade, showrooms, hotel sector and restaurants or many other applications. Also edges, rails and small alcoves are cleaned effortlessly, quickly and intensively using a removable suction tube with stretchable suction hose. Innovative equipment details, such as the patented centrifugal coupling, which automatically releases the roller if the brush is blocked with dirt, or the automatic brush release, which prevents deformation of the brush strips as well as damage to the carpet in idle position, are proof of the clever and safe machine concept. Two sturdy hinges between the brush head and suction part, as well as the sliding plate made from high-quality plastic, are representative of our high quality claim. The handling is also comfortable: If required, the brush can be easily replaced without the need for any tools. And even the power cable can be replaced during servicing without any prior knowledge thanks to the quick-change system.

Kärcher CV 30/1

SKU: 1.023-121.0
R11 850,00Price
    • filter foam, 1
    • Filter bag, 1
    • Roller brush, standard, 1
    • Stretchable suction hose
    • Filter bag, Fleece
    • Filter status indicator
    • Crevice nozzle
    • Height-adjustable handle
    • Suction tube, removable
    • Upholstery nozzle
    • Protection class, II
  • Brush replacement without tools

    • Rapid change of roller brush without the need for any tools.

    Quick-change system for power cable

    • Time- and cost-saving replacement of power cable without any prior knowledge.

    Manual roller brush adjustment

    • Thanks to the height adjustment, the roller brush can be adjusted to any carpet pile height.

    Patented centrifugal coupling

    • For longer service life: the innovative patented centrifugal coupling protects the whole brush head from being overloaded, thereby avoiding high service costs.

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