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The EB 30/1 lithium-ion is switched on and off using a foot switch. The flat machine (90 mm) goes under radiators and even furniture with low ground clearance and picks up loose dirt close to the edges up to a distance of only 2 mm. The telescopic handle with grip can be set to the user's height and moved in all directions by means of a cardan joint. During breaks it is locked in a vertical position. As the EB 30/1 lithium-ion is cordless, there are practically no set-up times. The electric broom can work on carpets for around 30 minutes and on hard floors for 45 minutes before the powerful lithium-ion battery must be recharged. The charging time can be reduced from 3 hours to 90 minutes using the optional quick charger. Exchangeable batteries allow work without any interruptions.

Kärcher EB 30/1 Lithium-Ion

SKU: 1.545-126.0
R6 700,00Price
    • Roller brush, standard
    • Battery charger BC 1/0.45
    • Replacement battery 7.2 V / 2.6 Ah
  • Easy battery replacement

    • The powerful lithium-ion battery is easy to remove and change in a few simple steps.

    Brush replacement without tools

    • The roller brush can be removed without tools for easier cleaning.

    Fast charger

    • Short charging time, long run time: the BC 1/1.8 quick charger fully charges batteries in only 65 minutes.

    Waste container is simple to remove and replace

    • Quick and easy emptying without coming into contact with dirt.

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