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Our HD 7/20 G Classic cold water high-pressure cleaner has a powerful petrol engine, making it possible to complete demanding cleaning applications in places without a power supply.


The construction industry, municipalities, handicraft and building cleaning benefit in particular from the self-sufficient operational availability of our mobile HD 7/20 G Classic cold water high-pressure cleaner. Its powerful petrol engine (EU STAGE V) makes it possible to complete cleaning tasks even in places without an external power supply; the working pressure of 200 bar, the robust crankshaft pump and a flow rate of up to 700 litres of water per hour produce outstanding results. Thanks to puncture-proof wheels and the stable tubular steel frame, the machine boasts the necessary mobility and robustness; the ergonomic push handle, the accessory storage for, for example, high-pressure hose and lance and the compact dimensions make it easy to handle and transport in the car. A large water filter and thermo and safety valve provide efficient protection for the internal components, which are also very easily accessible for servicing tasks.

Kärcher HD 7/20 G Classic (Petrol)

SKU: 1.187-011.0
R22 999,00 Regular Price
R20 699,10Sale Price
    • Spray gun, Standard
    • High-pressure hose, 10
    • Crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons
    • Power nozzle
    • Cage protective frame
    • Water filter

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