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The KFI 3310 cartridge filter enables wet and dry vacuuming without annoying interruptions due to filter changes. The cartridge filter can be easily inserted and removed by turning it – with no additional locking elements required. Developed as a customer-fit for the Kärcher Home & Garden wet and dry vacuum cleaners WD 1 Compact Battery, WD 2 Plus, WD 2-18, WD 2, WD 3, WD 3-18, WD 3 Battery, KWD 1-3, MV 2 and MV 3 as well as for the Kärcher SE 4, SE 4001 and SE 4002 spray extraction cleaners.

Kärcher WD 2, WD 3 Cartridge Filter

SKU: 2.863-303.0