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Thanks to the standard HEPA 14 filter with a filtration and separation degree of 99.995 percent, our T 11/1 Classic HEPA dry vacuum cleaner also satisfies the safety standards in hygienically sensitive areas such as doctor's surgeries or hospitals. The filter withholds even tiny particles such as viruses, aerosols and germs in the range of only a few micrometres and is certified in accordance with test standard DIN EN 1822:2019 . The robust, very durable and thus extremely economical vacuum cleaner generates a vacuum of 235 mbar/23.5 kpa from 850 W power, thus guaranteeing superb vacuuming results with very low operating noise of only 61 dB(A) at the same time. It can also be used without any problem at any time of the day where noise must be avoided. With a container volume of 11 litres, a weight of only 4.2 kg, a practical carrying handle and the ergonomic bend, the tilt-proof T 11/1 Classic HEPA is very compact, easy to transport and makes possible continuous, fatigue-free work. Accessories such as suction tube and floor nozzle can be conveniently stored on the vacuum cleaner, a fleece filter bag is also supplied.

Kärcher T 11/1 Classic HEPA

SKU: 1.527-199.0
R3 900,00Price
    • Suction tube, 3
    • Filter bag, 1
    • Container material, Plastic
    • Floor nozzle
    • Filter bag, Fleece
    • HEPA filter, HEPA 14 filter
    • Motor protection filters, 1
    • Permanent filter basket, Fleece
    • Suction tube, 0,35m
    • Suction tube, Plastic
    • Suction hose, 2m
    • Suction hose, with bend
    • Protection class, II
    • Combi floor nozzle
  • Ultra-efficient HEPA 14 filter

    • For the highest safety standards in hygienically sensitive areas.
    • High filtration and separation degree of 99.995% withholds tiny particles.
    • Certified in accordance with test standard DIN EN 1822:2019.

    Low weight

    • Effortless, also one-handed transport over ledges and steps.
    • Lower weight with identical container volume compared to competitor models.
    • Designed for long periods of fatigue-free use.

    Very low operating noise of only 61 dB(A)

    • Ideal for working in noise-sensitive areas and at night.
    • Low operating noise protects the user.

    Durable and robust machine design

    • Easy and comfortable to transport and store.
    • The robust bumper protects the machine from knocks and bumps.
    • Long-lasting, robust and thus very economical machine.

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